These Adorable Pictures Prove That Kids And Dogs Need Each Other

29-Finding The Perfect Resting Spot

There’s something so infectious about the warm smile of pure emotion that you see on an infant’s face when they’re happy that you can’t help but smile back. This young one seems to have found his way onto the fluffy back of his big friend Buddy, the family labrador. Doggo over here doesn’t seem to mind having a friend on his back and the young child seems to be happier than ever to have something this warm and cozy to lie on! He’s got your back!

28-Friends Of All Sizes

After a long day of fun and games, it pays to take a break for a few moments and just rest up. Great Danes are known for being some of the biggest dogs in the world and it’s difficult to imagine such a big creature being able to fit on the couch as a human would – but Gus seems to manage pretty well. Not only that, she seems to have no fear of him despite his size, proving that anyone can be friends.

27-Testing The Limits

Even though this labrador only wants to literally shower his friend with affection, the face on this little child looks notably uncomfortable with the licks of his wet-nosed pal. While all parents like to keep a close eye on their kids and protest them, it’s worth testing the limits, even when a child first may seem uncomfortable around its doggy friend – because at the end of the day, they’ll have to grow up together, so they might as well get used to each other!

26-A Friend To Play With

If you’ve ever been a kid on a trampoline, then you’ll know how seemingly endless the amount of fun is that you can have on one of these things! When this young girl decided to start jumping around early on a wintery morning, she was sad that she had no friends around to join her. Lucky, she realized that Billy would be the perfect companion. Billy seemed to enjoy himself, and she learned the true meaning of friendship.

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