Netizens Might Have Found a New Way to Find Missing Pets Using Stray Cats

Charlie felt like it was worth a try and went to converse with some stray cats at a local convenience store. Surprisingly, he got his cat back the next day. So, he stared to wonder if there was actually any veracity to this technique.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of netizens still didn’t believe. Most of them believed that it was a coincidence, but given how many people have responded to Charlie’s tweet with similar experiences, the technique definitely does have a sense of authenticity around it.

SoraNews24 translated a comment, which read :
“My mother did the same thing for a child who lost their cat after just two days of having it. She told the strays the story and the cat returned the next day!

“When I lost my cat, one of the strays passed our house, so I asked it if it knew where my cat was. It meowed and then walked slowly towards the storehouse and meowed in front of it. Then I heard my cat meowing back from inside!”

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