Fake Medicines: What Every Owner Needs to Know to Keep Their Pets Safe

Do you know fake medicines are a thing?

Yep, that’s right. Counterfeit pet medicines are big business. According to Health for Animals, in the US alone fake pharmacies coin a cool $1-2 billion per year.

And you can see how this works as a business model. For example, if a dog requires expensive heart meds this is a big financial drain on the owner. Eager to provide their pet with much needed treatment, it’s a temptation to buy at a discount price online. Some unscrupulous people take advantage of this to peddle fake medicines at an attractive price in order to cash in concerned but cash-strapped owners.

Of course there are plenty of genuine pharmacies online. This isn’t about tarring all retailers of pet medicines with the same brush. No. This article aims to help you shop safely for veterinary pharmaceuticals so your pet doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.
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