10 Signs That Show Your Cat Is Depressed

“Is my cat depressed?” Not many people ask this.
However, just as it is with human beings, it is more than possible for cats to get depressed. However, the primary distinction is that most time, depression in cats can easily become fatal. Not many know it, but the answer to the question, “Can cats be depressed?” is a resounding “Yes.” In the face of discomfort, it is possible for a cat to feel so neglected that it stops feeding. There is just no reason to live.

So, before things get to this point, try to recognize the early signs of depression in cats, so you can get this problem eradicated.

1. It shows uncleanliness

You know something is wrong when your cat stops urinating or defecating in its litter box. So, when you look at its health and try repositioning the litter but you still get this problem, then the root is most likely a depressed kitten.
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